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It is a program to copy your NTSC and PAL DVDs to any other disk
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007 DVD Copy, as it is clear from its title, is a program that will let you copy your licensed DVD to any other disk: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD DL-RW, DVD DL+R, as well as to the hard disk on your PC. Moreover, the application will backup your DVD with all its features like menus, languages, and subtitles.
007 DVD Copy has a pretty simple and intuitive interface, and is easy to use for everyone; it does not matter whether you are a novice or a professional user. The program detects the DVD writers of your PC and the source disks with a DVD in.
The application has a built-in video compression engine, which makes the conversion process faster, and supports both NTSC and PAL DVDs. Also developers claim that 007 DVD Copy supports all-region discs; i.e.: it can remove region protection (RPC-I/RPC-II/RCE region protection) automatically during the copying process.
The results of testing the program were quite satisfying. As a usual user, I have downloaded the trial version of the program to test it. When opening it I was told that I can use it for 4 times, and that is the only limitation, to eliminate which I should register the program. So, I just put my NTSC DVD to copy it to my PC hard disk first, and then to a DVD+RW disk. After I have chosen the folder to copy my “Monsters, Inc.” to, all I had to do is just click on the start button. Doing so made the program open a new window with a bar showing the progress of DVD shrinking, and with a tab showing some processing information. The process did not take much time, it lasted about 15 minutes. And, at last I received 100% in the progress bar, but no notification whether the process finished successfully or not. Instead, the main window of the program appeared with the message in the System log tab that the program ‘Failed to transfer DVD to hard Disk.’ However, when opening the destination folder, I found playable video files there.
When trying to copy the same DVD to DVD+RW disk I met almost the same process, but when the DVD shrinking process finished the message in the System Log tab said that the transfer was successful; and then I just needed to click on the Burn button. The program did not burn the movie to the erased DVD, but it managed to read a new clean DVD and burnt the movie. Unfortunately, the quality of the received DVD was not as perfect as of the original movie.
My another attempt with a PAL DVD brought not so positive results. There appeared a window saying “DVD shrinking is a long time process, please wait…” I waited for about 20 minutes, and having 0,00% in the progress bar, I just canceled the process.

Andrew Do
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